“As celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War continue, Alden “Tom’’ Ellis has written the first in-depth history of two companies of Massachusetts “sharpshooters’’ whose unsung heroics and improbable adventures have been nearly forgotten…” – MetroWest Daily News



The Massachusetts

Andrew Sharpshooters

There have been countless books written on the subject of the Civil War. Many have described the details of battles and their leaders. This book is not… // read more



Civil War Service

Years ago this author realized Framingham’s Civil War history had never been chronicled. Framingham’s tercentennial approached so he… // read more



About the Author

Alden “Tom” Ellis is an independent Civil War historian. Upon his discharge from the United States Army in 1965, he attended Northeastern University and Towson State College. He was a board member on Framingham’s Flag Day Celebration Committee for many years. He also served veterans at a local outreach… // read more