The Massachusetts Andrew Sharpshooters

There have been countless books written on the subject of the Civil War. Many have described the details of battles and their leaders. This book is not intended to define the details of battles or depict their leaders. Instead, it is the story of two small companies of Sharpshooters from Massachusetts, and their exploits during that war.

Most units from the Civil War had their histories written soon after the war was over. The histories of the two companies of Andrew Sharpshooters were never written. The Sharpshooters were often used by other organizations, as their special skills of long-range shooting were needed. In some cases their histories were absorbed in those organizations.

This history follows the two companies from when they left Massachusetts, through their time in the seat of war, until they returned, describing their day to day activities for that period of time. There is detailed historical and genealogical information on every man that served in the Andrew Sharpshooters.

The Sharpshooters were courageous patriots, and believed in their cause, undergoing many privations in its service. This is the story of these foot soldiers and their experiences, as they lived them.
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