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[ Article] 9/23/2013 – Medway author tells story of town’s Civil War heroes

Natick’s Civil War Service Reviews

“Mr. Ellis has done a great amount of research and has written a very detailed book on Natick’s service during The Civil War. Mr. Ellis’ book is a welcome addition to Natick’s local history.”

Cary Holmes Reference Department, Local History & Veterans History Specialist
Morse Institute Library. Natick, Mass.

“While many Civil War authors focus on the major battles and issues, Natick’s Civil War Service brings the war to Natick’s doorstep. Tom Ellis’ thorough research provides a comprehensive document of Natick’s contribution to our country’s most terrible conflict. Tying local, individual and regimental histories together, it is a must read for anyone interested in the Civil War sacrifices made by Natick citizens. Bravo Zulu to Tom for a job well done.”

Donald Clark, relative of Natick Civil War Veterans

“This is a comprehensive history and a welcome resource work on Natick’s substantial contribution to the Union cause in the Civil War. Tom Ellis has done the hard work of compiling details on the wartime service of 493 men and uncounted women of Natick, and researchers and genealogists alike will find it useful. It is copiously documented, clearly organized with lots of pictures and written in a comfortable style that makes it fully accessible. At 472 pages, there’s a lot to like in this tribute to Natick’s sons and daughters who put their lives on the line to support the war. Of particular interest is a complete roster (with bio and family details) of Natick soldiers including black men who served, compact histories of the Massachusetts units that had Natick men on their rosters, a compilation of the town’s veterans interred in seven cemeteries, an expanded glossary of terms and an impressive bibliography.”

Richard C. Subber Natick Historical Society

Hopkintons’ Civil War Service Reviews

“Tom A.C. Ellis continues to lead the charge chronicling the service and sacrifices of soldiers from local communities during the Civil War. His fourth book, “Hopkinton’s Civil War Service: A History and Roster,’’ documents the occupations, service, wounds and deaths of all 478 Hopkinton men who served in the Civil War.
A dogged researcher, he has rescued from obscurity the lives and deaths of men. With a fine eye for detail, Ellis has documented “essential categories’’ of the Hopkinton men’s service such as former occupations, casualties, wounds, disease, and disabilities.
Ellis is a “boots on the ground historian’’ who carries readers into the field with Hopkinton’s citizen-soldiers who fought and died to preserve the Union. He has provided a genuine act of remembrance for an entire community.”

Chris Bergeron, reporter
Metro West Daily News Framingham, MA

“I thoroughly enjoyed going over Tom’s very fine book. It is so wonderful to have all of this specific information on our Hopkinton veterans available in one place. It is a great resource. The book provides a very interesting & easy to read overview of many aspects of the war, and it is organized in a useful way, such as places of burial, those killed in action, wounded, died of disease, etc. Combined with the individual listings and the regimental histories, it is easy to reference back & forth when seeking the details of a particular soldier.”

Clair Wright, Hopkinton Historical Commission, Hopkinton Cemetery Commission

“Tom’s book will be extremely useful for family historians, genealogists and Civil War researchers or enthusiasts. It’s loaded with detailed information about each and every soldier from our town and describes their role in the complicated war, making Hopkinton’s part in this era of history very real. As a former history teacher, I can only imagine what a local educator could do with this information! It is terrific and reflects an incredible amount of work.

Linda Connelly, Archives Management
Hopkinton Public Library

“I am writing to congratulate you on your latest accomplishment of “Hopkinton’s Civil War Service: A History and Roster”, Tercentennial Edition. Your nearly completed creation has been presented to us at a very integral time in Hopkinton’s history as we are excitedly approaching the Town’s 300th anniversary celebration. On behalf of the Town, the Board of Selectmen and all of the Hopkinton residents, I commend you on a job well done. Thank you for your interest and commitment to the Town of Hopkinton’s history.”

Norman Khumalo, Hopkinton Town Manager
Hopkinton, MA

“Tom Ellis has done a meticulous job of researching the proud history of Hopkinton’s service in the Civil War. His book will serve as a tremendous resource to history enthusiasts and genealogical researchers alike. In particular, the primary source materials from the front lines of battle are fascinating.”

Jean Bertschmann, Chair
Hopkinton 300th Anniversary Celebration Committee

Framingham’s Civil War Service Reviews

“Local historians regard Ellis’ manuscript a remarkable achievement that preserves and honors the memory of the 530 men and -women who served their country. “Along the way, Ellis made discoveries that would forever alter the records of service of Framingham residents in the War Between the States.”

Chris Bergeron
News Staff Writer

“Ellis’ clear unpretentious prose reads like an eyewitness account. ” “I almost feel Tom was there on the battleground with these men and women he is writing about.” “Tom Ellis has written a labor of love on the Civil War. His book reads like it is fiction. But it isn’t ‘t fiction. He’s got the sources right. ”

Mary Murphy
Framingham State University
English Professor, Emerita
Framingham History Center

“It ‘s clear that Tom has done his research and identified anyone ever connected to Framingham who served in this war. ”

Stephen Herring
Historian and Author

“This publication by the author is an in-depth study of the role played by the Town of Framingham, during the War Of The Rebellion, 1861-1865. The contents of this report have been meticulously gleaned from the chronicles, journals, State papers and archives. It has revealed Framingham’s rightful place in the history of our Nation. ”

James E. Fahey
Military Archivist
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Tom Ellis has produced the definitive work on Framingham’s Civil War service. Exhaustedly
researched, well written and beautifully illustrated, it is a priceless contribution to the historical record of our town.”

Fred Wallace
Framingham Town Historian, and Author

Medway’s Civil War Service Reviews

“Tom A.C. Ellis, Jr. records the history of the Civil War through the service and eyewitness experiences of the small town Union troops who fought it. In his third book, “Medway & Millis’ Civil War Service A History and Roster,” the self-taught historian has provided the invaluable and definitive accounting of the contributions and sacrifices of every Medway citizen who answered the call of duty 150 years ago. But more than that, Ellis has documented an entire community’s service from the town of Medway itself to its women and black residents. The result is a comprehensive portrait of how a small Massachusetts town was affected by a national cataclysm. A prodigious researcher, Ellis follows Medway’s soldiers into battle, back home and, in many cases, into the grave.
Through his painstaking research and accurate and exciting descriptions, Ellis has given the town of Medway, where he lives, a worthy history of the service of its men and women throughout the War Between the States. Like those who served during that terrible ordeal, Ellis has provided honorable service to Medway.”

Chris Bergeron, reporter
Metro West Daily News Framingham, MA

“An enlightening history of Medway’s gallant men who participated in the Great War of the Rebellion. The concise and detailed events are a tribute to the author who spent countless hours researching the Massachusetts Adjutant General’s reports, and walking the rows of the town’s four cemeteries. This work clearly defines Medway’s rightful place in the history of our nation. It is precisely written and well indexed.”

Colonel Michael F. Matondi

“In this superbly crafted history, Ellis recounts those brave men and women of the town of Medway who contributed and sacrificed during that ordeal.
Lest we forget.”

Mark Wilcox President
Medway Historical Society

“In this year when we are celebrating Medway’s 300th birthday, it is amazing to read Tom Ellis’ book and be transported back 150 years. Though very detailed and well researched, this history book is also very readable. He makes the period come to life.”

Linda Reynolds
Medway 300 committees

The Massachusetts Andrew Sharpshooters

“I heartily recommend Alden (Tom) Ellis’ Massachusetts (Andrew) Sharpshooters to all scholars of the civil war. It is an eminently educational and enjoyable book that relates on a personal level the trials, tribulations and courage of the sharpshooters of the 1st & 2nd Co.’s of Massachusetts Sharpshooters, organized at the behest of Gov. John Andrews by Cpt. Jack Saunders in 1861. The book and Tom’s presentation to our Civil War Roundtable of Central Massachusetts were fascinating.”

Bob Carlson
President of Civil War Roundtable Central MA